How to nominate

A student can self-nominate or be nominated by someone in any Award category.

What to include in your nomination

You will need to demonstrate how you best meet the criteria in an . You must ensure that your nomination includes:

  • Evidence of your achievement (in 500 words or less);
  • Reflection on the impact of your achievement (in 500 words or less);

For self-nominations only:

  • An endorsement of the nomination from at least one person (no word limit).

How to submit your nomination

Nominations for 2017 have now closed and nominations for 2018 will open in July 2018.

Who can nominate

  • All nominees must be an enrolled student, or on approved leave of absence, for at least one session of the year nominated. Nominees can be enrolled full-time or part-time and can be from any academic cohort, such as undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • Nominees may be at any stage of their study.
  • All nominees must have complied with these criteria in the preceding 12 months (September to September).
  • Nominees must be prepared to give evidence that they have not been the subject of any misconduct claims and have achieved a satisfactory academic record. It is the responsibility of the nominee to withdraw their nomination or forfeit their Award if this condition is not met.
  • Unsuccessful applicants are eligible to reapply for an Award in subsequent years, however previous Award recipients are ineligible to apply for the same award (unless in an alternative sport for the sports awards only) in the subsequent year.
  • Previous individual Award recipients are eligible to apply as part of a team in subsequent years. Previous team Award recipients are eligible to apply for an individual award in subsequent years.

Selection panel

Information about the Selection Panel will be posted when available.

Granting of the awards

The granting of Awards will be based on the information and evidence provided in the online nomination form. The Selection Panel will assess the nominations against the Award criteria for the relevant category. Decisions will be based on the extent to which the nominee goes above and beyond what is normally expected. The Selection Panel reserves the right not to grant an award in any category.

For more information on the Awards contact:
The SCU Engagement team via email:

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