My Uni, My Story - Grace Hamilton, B Clinical Science

So we run an SCU Board riders team and I have helped runt that for the past 2 to 3 years and it has been a blast! We get the opportunity to meet maybe once or twice a month and get down to the beach and we have a nice whole crew of us all just passionate surfers and we make a lot of fun!

It is a good opportunity for everyone just to get down, whether you are a good surfer or not or you just want to have a cheer, have fun and meet new people. It is such an awesome experience!

It has been a great way to meet friends and have the opportunity of having friends that have been involved not just in my course but other courses as well and I can just pick people's brains about whatever is in some of the courses that I don't understand. As well as meeting people that can help me and guide me and give me advice about my career. So without my opportunity of being involved with the sports I probably would be a bit more crammed up and it would be a bit hard to try and focus on my studies, where sport is a really good release.

It gives me that opportunity, that drive to come to uni and want to do better at my sports and my studies because they do quite intertwine with each other and I do get that opportunity to just feel relaxed and engaged with not only just uni, the study side of it, but uni and the social aspect as well.

I was very pleased to accept the recognition for Sports Blue, um, Sports Woman of the Year, the Green and Gold Merit award and also our Sports Team of the Year award for Surfing in 2015. I am honoured to accept that and I couldn't be happier! I can't wait for next year so bring it on!

My Uni, My Story

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