My Uni, My Story - Ronny Susanto, B Legal and Justice Studies

Well you know last year was a really busy one for me. Ahh I was a member of the Student Representative Committee and I was also the president of the law student society. And I also managed to volunteer my time as a School Host during Orientation Week. I was also involved with the UniMentor Program and I also helped with uni events hosted through the year.

Winning the 2015 UniLife Student Leadership award was an important one for me. AHh not only did it acknowledge my hard work and dedication and contribution to the university, it also encouraged me to continue my work and continue to use my skill and experience and passion and contribution to make a difference.

As a fellow student, I will encourage all the new students to immerse themselves and contribute and also participate and of course there is a lot of things that you can do at university. Whatever you are passionate about, in sport or music or leadership or volunteering or even the environment, there is always something at the university.

For me, life at uni firstly is more than just attending lectures, dong research or completing assignments. It is more than that! And err, for me it's really important to be part of the community and contributing your time and volunteering your time every year. The SCU community definitely gives you a sense of belonging and that is important!

My Uni, My Story

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