My Uni, My Story - Tim Jeffery, B Sport and Exercise Science

The UniLife Awards, just a nomination means a lot as it means that for our achievement in winning the 3 on 3 Basketball Competition and being able to go over to China and represent not only the university but also Australian University Sport. It means a lot for the university to see what we have done and they are looking to award and reward what we have accomplished. It is a really good confidence booster to have that happen and say that the university is behind us. They are looking to push us forward and be the best that we can be and it shows a lot of appreciation for the hard work we put in to get there. The benefits of getting involved with UniLife, it provides a very very good work, study and life balance. It helps you organise your time as well as being fun! You get to meet lots of people, travel a lot and it is also a big benefit for your study because you get to see how you can apply what you're learning in real life.

This biggest advice I would give any student thinking of coming and doing things at UniLife and signing up for Social Sport or Unigames or anything else is to just get involved! Go down to UniLife and say what can I get involved in? What is there that I can be a part of? There are other trips that UniLife put on for students. Things like the surf trip and snow trip also there are sports that you might not be the best at but they are always interesting and fun!

UniLife for me has meant a lot. It has helped me grow as a person and helped my uni career and I highly recommend any student out there to get involved with it!

My Uni, My Story

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