Nomination information

Tips on how to nominate

Bring your nomination to life! Show your dimensions, your humanity, how you go about things.

  1. Let the judging panel know what kind of person you/they are, tell a story about how and what you/they have done that has positively impacted others, how it inspired others.
  2. Think about what you/they are known for; and try to get that across in your nomination.
  3. This is NOT a time for modesty! Don’t leave out what you/they have achieved and have been recognised for.
  4. The panel will not search for additional information, so ensure that you use the nomination form template and upload the evidence of achievement statement that you attach, to make sure you have included all of the key information.
  5. Start early — give yourself time to complete a nomination!
  6. Good luck!

Checklist for nominees

See Nominate for a Student Award for more information.

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