Online career assessment tools (SCU students/staff only)

Here are details of an online self-assessment resource that can help your personal and career development through the following assessments:

  1. Type Dynamics Indicator Form O (can help with understanding your preferences and how these relate to your strengths and possible areas for development)
  2. Learning Styles Indicator (can help with becoming a more effective learner)
  3. Abstract Reasoning Skills*
  4. Numerical Reasoning Skills*
  5. Verbal Reasoning Skills*

You may then like to make an appointment with a Careers Advisor by emailing to further discuss and explore your results.

* These three assessments will assist in preparing for jobs that use online assessments as part of their recruitment and selection processes. Studies show that practising these assessments will improve your results and chances of reaching the next stage in an employer’s recruitment process.

Why assessments can help

Using such tools to develop your self-awareness, or understanding more about yourself, is at the centre of personal and career development. This development process should run parallel to your academic studies, and the two processes should complement each other.

As you progress through your course, you should gain knowledge of your subject and yourself. Together, this knowledge helps you prepare for what you want to do next, by helping you to:

  • make the right choices (e.g. whether to get a job or take a further course of study)
  • make the most of your learning opportunities
  • identify what are your key skills and where you can apply these most effectively
  • describe fluently the ‘type’ of person you are
  • identify and develop strategies to deal with things you might find difficult
  • understand how you relate to others in different situations (e.g. team work, leadership/management, socially).

To access this site you need to obtain login details which are found within the SCU Career Development Program in MySCU. After logging in, locate the page titled Online Self-Assessment Tools.

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