Job searches and graduate recruitment

Many students hold idealistic and sometimes unrealistic views on what they will be doing when they start work. They may instantly expect to find a position of responsibility and authority with a variety of choices and opportunities waiting for them. This may be the case, however, it is important that graduates maintain a realistic attitude towards their graduate job search and not be discouraged if the perfect job doesn’t immediately appear.

In some cases it may take a few years to assume a position of authority and responsibility. Professional associations, your lecturers, tutors and past graduates working in the area can provide realistic information regarding the type of work a graduate can expect to be doing in their first job. Remember the real value of an undergraduate degree is it demonstrates you have learned how to learn.

Each year, graduate recruitment starts very early in Session 1. It seems companies and organisations are trying to be the first to select graduates and beat their competition. Therefore graduate positions are advertised on CareerHub as early as January/February each year, even though employment commences the following January.

For further information about graduate recruitment organisations, visit Graduate Opportunities and GradConnection.

Please contact the Career Development Service for support and advice on applying for graduate positions:

Email: or
Telephone: 02 6620 3220

Graduate program publications

If you are graduating in this year don’t forget to collect your graduate publications.

Graduate Opportunities is a free publication that lists graduate jobs across the country. It is an excellent resources and provides a great deal of information about companies and application procedures.

Grad Connection is a useful online resource that features online forums hosted by graduate employers.

Many graduate program applications close in April so make sure you get your copy early from the Career Development Service at your campus.

You can also access information online:

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