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The decision to commence a postgraduate research degree is, for most students, a decision that involves a huge commitment of time and effort. It is also, however, a decision which can have enormous benefits for your career. At a time when the labour market is experience great change, employers are increasingly looking for graduates with high levels of research skills and analytical ability, and are realising that a higher degree is an excellent way to develop and refine these skills. (Introduction to A Degree of Certainty — by Professor Ann R Edwards and Professor Ian Chubb).

A Degree of Certainty is a free publication available from the SCU Careers Services which looks at, career planning, higher degrees and the labour market, maximising your potential and postgraduate employment options by sector.

This is a very useful guide highlighting interviews with postgraduate students from universities across Australia including Southern Cross University. (Produced by Careers Centres at The Australian National University and Flinders University, published by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia.

For a list of all Southern Cross University postgraduate studies go to our courses options website.