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Career Development Service

Graduate career success is vital to the University.

The Career Development Service seeks to work collaboratively with staff across the University to ensure students are equipped with essential skills for building career success.

The most effective career development strategies begin in first year and are progressively built upon throughout the entire degree. A staged approach to career development learning assists with student retention, motivation and graduate outcomes.

We can design presentations and resources specifically for your students and industry sectors and welcome your enquiries.

Guest lectures and presentations

  • Career development and job search seminars in lectures. We can tailor a range of presentations for all years to assist students with self-awareness, opportunity awareness and job or internship search strategies, including mock interviews.

Email and we will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Online SCU Career Development Program

  • Online careers program available to all students on MySCU (Blackboard) with 22 modules to assist with different career issues throughout their studies.
  • Five streams include:
    • University Preparation
    • Career Preparation
    • Career Management
    • Graduate Careers and Internship Preparation
    • Workplace Resilience
  • See our Career Development and Employment Brochure for an overview of module topics.
  • Staff can direct students to complete specific modules and request a Certificate of Completion as part of an assessment or integrated course requirement. Alternatively you can encourage your students to complete different modules as extracurricular professional development.
  • Staff can access the SCU Career Development Program. Once inside the site, you can self-enrol for permanent access by clicking on the ‘+’ button (on the left-hand navigation panel). The SCU Career Development Program will then be available to access from your right-hand links on MySCU.

Open the SCU Career Development Program

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