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Email — send an email to with any questions you might have about you wellbeing, mental health, or concerns you may have for others (please send from your SCU email so we know you are an SCU student).

Respond — our qualified psychologists and social workers will respond to your question firstly, within 48hrs (where possible).

Share — if we think that the response could be helpful for other students we will check with you to see if we can share the question and answer on our website, completely anonymously.

This service is not the best way to deal with crisis situations where you may have concern for your own or others’ safety.

SCU operate an Out-of-Hours Crisis Line between 5pm to 9am on weekdays and offer a 24 hour service at weekends and public holidays you can phone this line on 1300 782 676 or SMS to 0477 751 363.

Within business hours please phone the counselling service on your campus, or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Answered questions


“I started uni this year and I dread going to work each day. I’ve cut back my availability heaps so I am only available on weekends and a couple of Thursday nights (I know this minimal hours at work is good while I’m studying but I feel like I’m letting my work down as they are understaffed as it is). Again, uni comes first! I just stress about it though.

On the days I don’t have work (Monday–Friday), it’s all I think about. I can’t concentrate on anything else because I’m stressing about having to work. I contacted my manager yesterday and told her that I’m not happy where I am, although I’m not sure what the resolution will be. Last week I found I slept each day, because I find it’s the only time I don’t think and stress about everything that’s going on. I know that’s only making things worse though because in the end I’m left with even more to do because of everything I’ve been putting off.”


Hi, there’s a couple of things that you’ve mentioned that I’d like to reply to. Firstly, congratulations on starting at uni! For many students the most difficult thing when they first start is trying to find balance. It sounds like you feel very loyal to your work and workmates, and that is also influencing your feelings around this. Your first semester at uni will help you work out how to balance these parts of your life, you’ll get to work out how much you can work whilst studying and achieving your goals. It’s good to hear that you have contacted your manager to let her know your thoughts, hopefully she can help you work out how you can both be happy in your job.

It also sounds like some prioritising is necessary here. Work has obviously been important to you and now you’re introducing another big commitment. I’d like you to spend some time to reflect on why you have chosen to return to studies, and also take a moment to look at the reasons for continuing regular paid employment; i.e. financials/experience etc. Determining some priorities in how to spend your time will be much easier if you can break it all down.

It’s unfortunate that this stress is having such an effect on your psychological wellbeing. I see you’ve realised that sleeping all day isn’t work out so well for you as it is taking away some of your time. But the fact that it has gotten to that point suggests to me that it would be really good for you to seek some extra support. That might be coming along to see one of our counsellors, visiting your GP for a possible referral to psychologist or social worker, or just checking in with friends or family.

Let me know what you think of the above options and any other questions you might have.
Also, here’s a couple of resources available through SCU that will help you managing in your studies.

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