Counselling for international students

International students at Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and the Hotel School campuses have access to the full range of counselling services. Professional counselling staff provides free and confidential assistance in person, by telephone, Skype and email, including information, advice, referral and counselling for academic, personal and interpersonal issues. The Counselling Service aims to encourage academic success and to assist students to increase their enjoyment of study and University life, by helping to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety that may be caused by:

  • Adjustment to university
  • Study
  • Personal or family pressure
  • Homesickness or loneliness

Phone 1800 111 890 and ask for the Counselling reception at the campus closest to your current location to request an initial appointment in-person or by phone/Skype with a counsellor or


For a few of us these thoughts and feelings will be overwhelming in its intensity but it is normal grieving involving a range of feelings. Because of a loss of old identities and uncertainty when facing new tasks including self-doubt, you might find yourself constantly re-playing old memories or persistently longing for a person, place or experience. How do I manage my homesickness? Here are some things to try:

  • Talk to other new students
  • Write down things you have found interesting or enjoyable
  • Be encouraging of yourself
  • Get to know a few people well
  • Focus on the opportunities
  • Seek information and explore your new environment
  • Do lots of things
  • Decorate your new room
  • Plan a date to go home
  • Get lots of sleep
  • Acknowledge you are homesick and talk to someone about it
  • Be aware that your feelings will change

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