Wellbeing events and activities


Going to university often requires students juggle many commitments and interests — like work, family, friends, sport and hobbies — while also trying to be successful at study. We want to support you to find your balance — as we know it is vital to have many sources of accomplishment, enjoyment and meaning in your life. Regularly taking care of your physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional needs is not just a 'nice' thing to do, it's actually essential for your success at uni and your life after graduating! The Counselling Service's wellbeing classes and activities encourage individuals to take action to build up their health and wellbeing resources by:

  • being active,
  • having a sense of belonging and
  • having a purpose in life.

All of these things contribute to happiness and good mental health.

As well as the resources and events listed below, all students can access the Resilience and Wellbeing Modules in MySCU and the Wellness Self-help Collection.


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