Inter-Faith Advisory Committee

Terms of reference:

The Committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • provide a multi-faith Chaplaincy for the university community, which is representative of the diversity of pastoral, religious and spiritual needs of that community;
  • ensure that it constitutes in the spirit of equity and access principles, with care given to gender, age, religious and spiritual representation;
  • oversee the operation of access to pastoral care through the Pastoral Care Coordinator and visiting Chaplains;
  • oversee the operation of a website devoted to information about access to Chaplains as well as information on Multi-Faith Centre;
  • provide an annual Inter-Faith event based on mutually agreed upon themes such as peace, harmony, compassion, dialogue and friendship;
  • oversee the operation of the Multi-Faith Centre, in accordance with the provisions contained in this document;
  • allocate funds and resources, and oversee the administration of any funds or resources, made available for the general use of the Multi-Faith centre;
  • receive reports from members (at each member's discretion) on activities or matters that may be of interest to the Committee.

Members normally serve on the committee for a 3-year period, at the invitation of the Chair.

Membership of the Interfaith Advisory Committee:


  • Dr Angela Coco
    Lecturer, School of Arts and Social Sciences


  • Venerable Pannyavaro
    President, Buddha Dharma Education Assoc Inc
  • Reverend Alan Shaw
    Anglican Parish of Lismore
  • Professor Goh Bee Chen
    School of Law and Justice
  • Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett
    Roman Catholic Bishop, Lismore Diocese represented by Fr Roland Agrisola
  • Mrs Kate Moerman
    Pastoral Care Coordinator (Gold Coast)
  • Mr Robert Lingard
    Pastoral Care Coordinator (Lismore and Gold Coast)
  • Fr Roland Agrisola
    Roman Catholic Priest, St Carthage's Cathedral Parish, Lismore
  • Donna Moffitt
    Director, Student Services
  • Fiona Wright
    Senior Manager, Student Management Unit, Student Services
  • Dr Jonathan Munro
    Senior Manager, Student Health Services
  • Bishop Keith Slater
    Anglican Bishop, Grafton Diocese
  • Rev Pam Stone
    Chaplain, Coffs Harbour Campus
  • Mr Dean Winwood
    IT Support, SCU Library
  • Mr Akos Balogh
    Evangelical Christians, Visiting Chaplain SCU