Sites of remembrance

There are many places of significance and remembrance throughout Southern Cross University. Times of tragedy, such the Port Arthur massacre (1996), or the passing of a member of staff or a student may be remembered by the planting of a tree or the placing of a plaque. There are a number of sites of remembrance throughout the university campuses which hold sacred significance to many people. These signs of remembrance are minders of the importance of human connections throughout the university community and that the benefits that we share as a university are built upon the contributions of many others who have come before us.

If you stumble upon a site of remembrance, you are invited to pause and consider the importance of interpersonal relationships. You are invited to think about the person who is named, and to imagine what their legacy might be.

Please contact the Southern Cross University Chaplaincy team (email: chaplaincy@scu.edu.au) if you have any questions about any of the memorials around the university, or if they have stirred up some uncomfortable memories, or feelings for you.

Fig tree