Request a UniMentor

SCU UniMentor Program

Students with a UniMentor usually settle into University life more quickly because they feel supported and connected to the University community.

To request a UniMentor, go to:

Note: Applications from undergraduate students to get a UniMentor close at the end of Week4 of each study session. Requests to get a UniMentor cannot be accepted after this time.

Q: When Will I Meet My UniMentor?
A: Your UniMentor will meet with you (in-person or on-line) a minimum of three times during your first study session. They will make contact (usually by email) as soon as they are matched to you. Your UniMentor is given your Southern Cross University email address and mobile phone number (if provided). Together, you will work out a suitable time to meet.
Q: How Do I Contact My UniMentor?
A: Your UniMentor will initiate contact with you, usually by your Southern Cross University email address or by text. 
At the first meeting your UniMentor will,
  • arrange how to keep in contact,
  • discuss how much time they have to support you, and
  • schedule a date and time for your next meeting.

UniMentors volunteer their time. Please respect this generosity by replying to their communications in a timely way. If you decide you no longer need a UniMentor, please let them know so they may be re-assigned to help someone else.

your UniMentor will probably have more than one mentee and we encourage your mentor to facilitate a group meeting so you can meet other new students in your course.

Q: For How Long Does My UniMentor Help Me?
A: Your UniMentor will keep in contact during your first study session. However, you may find you've developed a friendship and keep in contact for much longer, if this is what both of you want.
Q: Is My UniMentor A Tutor?
A: Your UniMentor is not a tutor and is not expected to give you specific academic help. However, they may share their study tips to help you settle in to an academic routine and can direct you to University services to help with particular concerns you might have with a unit of study or item of assessment.
Q: What If Things Aren't Working Out Between Me And My UniMentor?
A: We do our best to match people. If, for whatever reason, the relationship is not working out please don't hesitate to contact your UniMentor Coordinator. We'll match you with another UniMentor as soon as possible.
"It makes you feel like you are not alone and always have someone to talk to." (Mentee)
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