All face-to-face exams for all 2021 exam periods have been replaced with alternative assessment during these periods. Students should check their individual Blackboard learning sites for all information relating to their exams or contact their relevant Unit Assessor for these details if they are not available on Blackboard.

Below you will find information for students sitting exams. Students studying online (externally) should see where exams can be offered and how to let SCU know where they’d like their exams held. For more information on exams and their rules please see Rule 3 — Student Assessment and Examinations.

Instructions to candidates sitting exams

In addition to the instructions below, also refer to the Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet Guide.

Examination dates and times

Examinations MUST be taken on the date and at the time specified in the examination timetable.

External exam centres

An external Exam Centre is an examination venue that is not a room on a Southern Cross University campus — they may be used by students studying all of their units online.

Starting times at some external exam centres may differ slightly from those published on the exam timetable. Candidates sitting their exam at an external exam centre MUST contact their exam supervisor one week prior to their first examination if this condition is stipulated in the Special Instructions on their exam notice. This contact is required to ascertain the exact starting time of the examination.

Examination timetable

The DRAFT examination timetable is released during week 7 and the FINAL examination timetable is released during week 9. Information regarding the time and date of exams will not be given by telephone. Candidates are able to access their personal exam details in My Enrolment.

Exam notice

Once the FINAL examination timetable is released all students can generate an Exam Notice from My Enrolment. To generate an exam notice:

  • Go to My Enrolment
  • Select “Exams” from top menu
  • Select “Exam Notice” from the menu on the left-hand side
  • Select your Exam Notice. Your Notice will be emailed to your SCU email account.

Daylight Savings Time

Some states within Australia (e.g. Queensland) do not have daylight saving. If a candidate is sitting at an exam centre across the NSW/QLD border, the candidate must be aware of this when confirming examination starting times.

Note: All Exams held at SCU Gold Coast location will be run on AEST (QLD time) NOT AEDT (NSW Daylight Saving Time).

Absence from examinations

See the Special Examinations page for more information.

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Candidates with a disability or chronic medical condition

If you have a permanent disability or chronic medical condition please contact Student Access & Inclusion to discuss your eligibility and to confirm any special arrangements that are required for your examinations. If you do not contact Student Access & Inclusion at least 6 weeks before the commencement of the relevant exam period it will not be possible to make special arrangements for your examination(s).

Exam centre

If you are enrolled in any on-campus (internal) units you must sit ALL exams at the SCU campus at which you are enrolled. Students within Australia are required to travel up to 120 km to an established Australian examination centre.

For more information on exam centre changes see Exam Centres.

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Candidates MUST

  • Bring their own writing implements, e.g. pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, etc.
  • Obey any instruction given by an examination supervisor for the proper conduct of the examination
  • Display their current SCU Student Identification Card (or another appropriate form of photo identification such as a passport or drivers licence). The card must be placed face up on the top corner of their desk and should remain there for the duration of the exam. Female students who wear a head covering for religious reasons will be identified in private by a female exam supervisor and will be allowed to place their photo identification face down on their desk. Facial features from the bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the students face must be clearly shown on the photo ID.
  • Complete the attendance slip and place it on the corner of their desk
  • Switch off any mobile phone and/or any other communication equipment, place in their bag and leave in the designated area
  • Place small handbags, wallets, purses, money bags, pencil cases and necessary medication etc in their bag and leave in the designated area (or place on the floor next to the candidates desk)
  • Make any items bought into the exam room available for inspection by the supervisors
  • Ensure they are sitting the correct exam before the actual commencement of the exam
  • Complete answers in their own handwriting unless special arrangements have been made
  • Answer all questions in English
  • Not cheat or attempt to cheat (candidates found guilty are subject to severe penalties including failure in the unit and expulsion from the University)
  • Seek permission from the examination supervisor to leave the examination room prior to cessation of the exam

Candidates MUST NOT

  • Enter the examination room after thirty (30) minutes have elapsed from the commencement of writing (i.e. forty (40) minutes after the commencement of reading time)
  • Be provided with any additional time when they enter the examination room late
  • Leave the examination room until thirty (30) minutes have elapsed from the commencement of writing (i.e. forty (40) minutes after the commencement of reading time)
  • Be readmitted to the examination room after they have left it , unless during the full period of their absence they have been under approved supervision
  • Remove answer booklets or examination papers from the examination room.
  • Bring food or drink into the exam room with the exception of bottled water (unless the candidate has approved exam adjustments to allow this).
  • Bring any additional materials (except writing implements) into the examination room unless specified as Permitted Materials for that examination.
  • Share or exchange materials/resources in the examination room
  • Use an electronic translation dictionary under exam conditions
  • Communicate with any other student during the examination
  • Improperly obtain or endeavour to obtain assistance in their work
  • Behave in such a manner as to disturb other candidates
  • Leave the examination room in the last ten (10) minutes of the examination where more than one candidate is present

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