Student guide for completing Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet

The Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet (MCTAS) is used to record answers of up to two hundred (200) multiple choice questions, eighty (80) answers on the front of the sheet and one hundred and twenty (120) answers on the reverse side of the sheet.

There is only one correct answer to each question with a maximum of five (5) choices per question.

Choices/Answers are labelled “A” through to “E” on the answer sheet.

How to complete the MCTAS

  • Ensure you write in the text boxes for “Family Name”, “Initials”, “Student Number” and “Unit Code” as well as colouring in the corresponding boxes underneath each section.
  • Read the Marking Instructions detailed on the sheet.
  • Use a 2B or HB pencil to mark answers.
  • Use an eraser to change answers.
  • Fill the entire selected answer box — do not use ticks, crosses, circles or single lines.
  • Do not make marks near the printed scanning timing marks at the answer sheet’s edge or near the control marks above the FAMILY NAME.
  • Avoid tearing, cutting, curling or creasing answer sheets.
  • Don’t leave a blank answer — you should attempt to answer all multiple choice questions.
Multiple Choice Test Answer Sheet