Fee-paying students and course transfers, transition and deferrals

Southern Cross University annually reviews and sets fees for students in fee paying places (both Domestic and International). Commencing from 2018, admitted fee-paying students will fall into one of two categories, with the year of course admission determining the category of the fee rate that they will be charged.

Fee category 1 — Pre-2018: students in this fee category commenced their studies prior to 2018 (for example 2017 or prior).

Fee category 2 — Post-2018: students in this fee category commenced their studies in 2018 or 2019.

These fees are determined by the Fee Setting Committee, using relevant market analysis and benchmarking. The fee categories above do not apply to students admitted into a Commonwealth Supported Place. Each year the Commonwealth Government sets the maximum tuition fee (student contribution amount) that can be charged to a student in a Commonwealth Supported Place

Internal course transfers

Fee-paying students that elect to change courses via an internal course transfer will be charged the fee category depending on the year of admission into the new course — for example:

Sarah commenced a Bachelor of Arts in 2016, studying part-time and chose to course transfer into a Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications in 2018. Sarah would be charged the Pre-2018 fee for the Bachelor of Arts and the Post-2018 fee for the Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications.

Commencing a new course

Fee-paying students who complete a course, or withdraw from a course and then choose to apply for another course at Southern Cross University will be charged the Post-2018 fee.

Withdrawing from a course

If a fee-paying student withdraws from their course, their existing continuing fee rate will end and will not be re-instated upon return to study. If the student recommences study, they will be charged the commencing fee paying rate for the year of admission. This also applies to any student whereby their enrolment has been cancelled or withdrawn by the University.


Fee-paying students that are required by the University to transition into a different course due to University approved course structure changes will be charged at the same fee rate which was charged for their original course.


If a student chooses to defer their offer, they will be charged the Post-2018 fee rate once they commence their study.

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