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MySCU is the one-stop portal to your Learning Sites. MySCU also connects you to many University services including email, timetables (for both your lectures and any examinations), Academic Skills, Student Services and the Library. Don't forget to check MySCU and your email account regularly for important messages from your lecturers. This is an ideal way for you to contact the academic staff teaching your course if you have any questions for them or need help.

Where do I find my username and password

  • Go to My Enrolment
  • Select MySCU Details
  • Your username and password for logging into MySCU and Email can be found by selecting MySCU Details. Once you have these details you can use them to login to MySCU directly.

MySCU is only accessible for currently enrolled students and requires a valid user name and password. Once you have logged in, you will see your Learning Sites under the My Units tab and other information under the My Services.

MySCU can can be found at learn.scu.edu.au. You need to login with your SCU username and password.

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Learning Sites

Two weeks before your study period commences, the Learning Sites in MySCU will become active. Your lecturer will provide a Learning Site for your unit and you can access these in MySCU by clicking on the name of the unit.

Learning Sites will be a primary source of information for you, so visit them regularly throughout the study period. Learning Sites contain important unit documents such as your Study Guide and your Unit Information Guide, which have details about your assignments, due dates and textbook requirements, and link to other resources that will help with your study.

Your lecturer may provide online tests and information regarding assessment items. You will use the Learning Sites to submit assignments. You will also find your grades and the results of your assessment items. Many units may also have discussion forums, Collaborate sessions and links to recorded lectures.

It is also a great way to keep in regular contact with your study group, other students in your units, and your lecturer, especially if you need help.

If you are experiencing problems accessing MySCU, log a call with the TS Service Desk.

How to access Learning Sites:

  • Login to MySCU at learn.scu.edu.au
  • Click on the name of the unit in the centre of the page.

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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is web-based video and audio conferencing software for real-time collaboration. It offers a virtual classroom setting where lecturers and students can interact in real-time and share whiteboards, text chat and media.

You will generally join a Collaborate session through a link provided in your Learning Site. It is highly recommended that you use a headset with a built in microphone to get the most from your Collaborate sessions.

If you would like more information about Blackboard Collaborate visit the Collaborate Support page.

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Turnitin Turnitin is a web-based text-matching software that identifies and reports on similarities between documents and is widely used as a tool to improve academic writing skills. Turnitin compares electronically submitted papers against texts from a range of sources including: archived Internet data, a database of previously submitted papers, assignments obtained from 'paper mills' and subscription databases of periodicals, journals and publications. The comparison may be against any or all of these databases and a specific assignment by your lecturer or tutor. Turnitin then produces an 'Originality Report', a report identifying sections of text in the submitted assignment that match sections of text in these other documents.

Turnitin at SCU is set up so that students can self-check their work before submitting a final copy of their assignment.

How to find out more about Turnitin:

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SCU Email

It is important that you set up your SCU email account. If you do not wish to use SCU's email you must redirect it to your personal email address. All official correspondence and important reminders will be sent to your SCU email address, as well as any requests you send for retrieving your My Enrolment password.

How to access your email from MySCU:

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Qualtrics The Office of Research purchased a University-wide software license for Qualtrics a comprehensive survey tool that provides are broad range of surveying capabilities and reports online.

How to access Qualtrics:

  • Go to the scuau.qualtrics.com
  • Do not use your current SCU login details. First time users will need to select "Please click here to create an account". Use your SCU email as the username and type a new password.

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