Unplugged SCU

Your words | Your voice | Your story

This project will give all Southern Cross University students the opportunity to be heard.

Your conversations will be unscripted, tackling topics about your student experience and discover how you, our students, want to be supported, represented and be part of decision making at Southern Cross University.

And the winner is . . . Samantha McMullan

Congratulations to Samantha and thank you to everyone who has been part of Unplugged SCU.

Themes of the Unplugged SCU program


  • We want you to feel connected with, and supported by, the University and for you to have a sense of ownership.


  • You will work with the University to co-create and inform your student experience.


  • Capture the voices of all students and foster a culture of inclusion, trust and mutual respect.

Impact and value

  • We will gather your ideas, not just feedback, for implementation.

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Unplugged SCU themes include connection, experience, culture, impact and value