“I love coming to work every day and just seeing the growth and development, those little light-bulb moments that they have every day.”

Ellie Wiseman

Bachelor of Education (Primary) graduate

I’m Ellie Wiseman, and I’m the principal of Palmers Island public school.

I studied at Lismore Southern Cross University, a Bachelor of Education Primary for four years.

I love working with children. I love coming to school every day and just seeing the growth and development, those light-bulb moments that they have every day. I love seeing the smile on the kids’ faces and I like working in conjunction with our parents and community just coming together and having a successful, achieving a successful goal at the end.

Some of my roles as principal are working with the staff, community and students of our school. I teach 4,5,6, class 2 days a week. My office days I work at achieving our school goals in line with our strategic management plan.

As soon as I graduated from teaching at Southern Cross, I put my name down as a casual teacher at a local, at all of the local schools and I started work straight away at a school close to here. And then about 3 or 4 years later I received my first full-time appointment back to the North Coast. 

Since then I’ve been working in relieving principal roles and then last year I gained a full-time appointment of principalship.

I do have an interesting story about starting my career. My first casual day straight out of uni, at the end of the day the boss pulled me aside and said, “Ellie you will be a principal of this school one day.” And I sort of looked at him with a smile and said, “Oh okay,” and thought he was crazy. But as I continued my career bosses kept coming to me and saying, “You know you need to head down the leadership path,” and now here I am.

If you are a high school student and you’re thinking about not going to university I would say that’s okay but I would say not to close your mind to it, you might change your mind 6, 12, 5 years down the track. Study, travel, work and you might find that something can come back to you.

I’m Ellie Wiseman and that’s my story.

Marilyn Ahearn

Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

Marilyn found herself right at home at Southern Cross University despite living in Sydney and her supervisors based in Lismore. Her extensive experience in primary education led her to focus her research within this area.

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