Dean's Keynote Series: Nov 2020. Gathering, Holding, Gifting and Collective Making, with Associate Professor Louise Phillips

Associate Professor Louise Phillips, 'Gathering, Holding, Gifting and Collective Making' - click here to view recording


The academy has a long history of exclusively being for men: from Plato’s conception of the academy (when women and children were not counted as citizens, nor welcome in the polis), to Virginia Woolf’s (1928) account of being mockingly scorned by a Beadle at Cambridge University to not enter ‘male’ turf. These exclusively male origins, have for millennia fuelled language and practices that alienate women, or women feel ill attuned to. As a woman in the academy, in education (one of the few disciplines in which women outnumber men) and an active researcher (education has one of the lowest percentages of active researchers) I seek to enable more feminised language and practices. In this keynote, I will share four practices that I have played with in my approach to educational research for their shift from the dominant competitive performative agenda to a supportive, relational and creative agenda. The four practices include: gathering like-minded women, holding space for the unspoken/silenced, methodology of gifting and collective making. I will draw from research collaborations to illustrate these research practices, to arouse rippled action of supportive, relational and creative ways of being and doing educational research.


Louise Phillips is a fifth generation white Australian, who presently holds the position of Associate Professor in Education at James Cook University, Singapore. Louise’s career spans theatre in education, early childhood education, storytelling, environmental education, children’s rights and citizenship research, and arts-based research methodologies. She is particularly interested in story as theory and method, illustrated through co-authoring the Routledge book (2018) Research Through, With and As Storying with Professor Tracey Bunda (UQ). Her research on young children’s citizenship forged the Civic action and learning with Young Children: Comparing approaches in New Zealand, Australia and the United States study (funded by US Spencer Foundation major grant) and publication of Routledge Contesting Early Childhood Series 2020 book Young Children’s Community Building in Action: Embodied, Emplaced and Relational Citizenship with Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie (Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington), Lavina Dynevor, Jared Lambert and Kerryn Moroney (Indigenous educators). She currently leads Teaching & Learning in COVID-19 times study with Australian, Aotearoa (NZ), Singapore and USA team documenting the lived experiences of teachers during COVID-19 pandemic and archiving COVID-19 pandemic teaching and learning resources and publications.

Time for Q and A will follow Louise's keynote presentation.

Date: Tuesday 10th November

Time: 2.30 - 4.00pm (QLD), 3.30 - 5:00pm (NSW)

Associate Professor Louise Phillips

Date and time

From: 02:30 PM Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Tuesday, November 10, 2020 2:30 PM - QLD time To: 04:00 PM Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Tuesday, November 10, 2020 4:00 PM - QLD time