SEAE Seminar Series: March 2021. Learning As, Of and With Queer Animals, with Associate Professor Joshua Russell, Canisius College Buffalo, US

Learning As, Of and With Queer Animals - click here to view recording

Associate Professor Joshua Russell,  Canisius College Buffalo, US


Queer ecopedagogies present an opportunity to critically reflect on both personal and shared learning experiences rooted in the multispecies and environmental tensions of desire, love, loss, and failure. Queer ecopedagogies also provide counterpoints and challenges to the wider goals and visions of environmental education. This presentation provides a series of personal reflections on learning that emphasize a felt sense of queer animality, of historically and socioecologically-situated bodies that display “improper affiliations” within the rigid, heteronormative views of human being, non-human being, and natures in educational contexts. Narrated experiences of learning as, of, and with queer animals are the foundation for considering how queer ecopedagogies might help to enact a multispecies, environmental justice.


Joshua Russell is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. He is also Director of the graduate program in Anthrozoology. Joshua’s scholarly work emerges from foundations in environmental education, animal studies, child-animal relations, queer pedagogy, and phenomenology. He is editor of the forthcoming book, Queer Ecopedagogies: Sexualities, Natures, and Education (Springer). Joshua lives in Niagara Falls, ON with his partner Sean and their rescue dog, Penny.

SEAE Seminar Series event

Date and time

From: 10:00 AM Tuesday, March 2, 2021 To: 11:00 AM Tuesday, March 2, 2021