SEAE Seminar Series: May 2021. The poetics of living and writing as inquiry in an entangled world, with Professor Bronwyn Davies

The poetics of living and writing as inquiry in an entangled world - click here to view recording

Professor Bronwyn Davies, Independent scholar, Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne and Emeritus Professor Western Sydney University


In my new book, Entanglement in the World’s becoming and the Doing of New Materialist Inquiry, I take the reader on an odyssey—a series of wanderings and adventures through the difficult and exciting terrain of new materialist thought, practice and ethics—that is, through what Barad calls its ethico-onto-epistemology. She signals with those hyphens, that these three ‘fields’, which we usually separate, are intimately and intricately entangled. In this paper I draw from the first chapter and will discuss how new materialist thought disrupts many of our taken-for-granted ways of thinking about and doing research. I will open up the question of what it is to be human, and more-than-human, in the flow in-between poetry, art, language and the social and physical world. I work with a poem, exploring the creative relationality that new materialist inquiry enables. St Pierre recommends that we abandon method and that, after a lot of reading, we begin wherever we are. That is good advice, perhaps. But understanding new materialist concepts and putting them into practice in our lives and in our research faces us with major challenges, challenges in thought-practice-ethics, in being-and-becoming, in going to places we don’t-yet-know, with ideas we don’t yet know how to think.


Bronwyn Davies is an independent scholar affiliated with Melbourne University, as Adjunct Professor, and Western Sydney University, where she is an Emeritus Professor.  The distinctive features of her work are her development of experimental and collaborative ways of doing research, incorporating into her thinking and writing elements of the visual, literary and performative arts. Her writing engages with the conceptual work of poststructuralist and new materialist philosophers. Her most recent books are New Lives in an Old Land: Re-turning to the Colonisation of New South Wales through the Stories of my Parents and Ancestors ([2019]2021, Brill) and Entanglement in the World’s Becoming and the Doing of New Materialist Inquiry (2021, Routledge).

The Sustainability, Environment, the Arts and Education (SEAE) Research Cluster is globally recognised for enacting profound change in/through transdisciplinary environmental and Arts education research that disrupts and generates new ways of being and becoming, which provokes dynamic responses to critical local-global calamities.

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Professor Bronwyn Davies

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From: 12:00 PM Thursday, May 27, 2021 To: 01:00 PM Thursday, May 27, 2021