Adjunct Associate Professor Judith Wilks

Coming from a Geography background Judith worked for many years as an Environmental Planner. She has also taught in a range of Geography, Sociology and Environmental Planning courses at the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and the University of New England. Judith has also taught a wide range of social science-based subjects Years 7–12 in NSW high schools in the state and Catholic education systems. In 2007 she won the NSW Premier’s Energy Australia Environmental Education Teacher Scholarship to travel to Italy and the UK to study leading practice in UNICEF’s Creating Child Friendly Cities initiatives. Judith has been awarded numerous awards including the "Geoff Connolly Memorial Award for an Outstanding Contribution to the Geography Bulletin of the NSW Geography Teachers Association" for an HSC Geography Case Study on Mangrove Ecosystems.

Adjunct Associate Professor Sharon Parry

Sharon worked in research and development in higher education from 1984 and has been at Southern Cross since 1993. Prior to her appointment to the School of Education, she was the Director, Teaching and Learning Centre at the University and inaugural president of the Council of Australian Directors Academic Development. Her current research concerns the relationship between epistemological foundations of academic culture and the influence of those on knowledge-making and reporting. Her empirical research fields are research degree supervision, educational program evaluation, discipline-specific writing, student assessment, academic standards and their maintenance and advancement and the nature of academic work.

Adjunct Associate Professor Robert John Wright

Dr Robert J. (Bob) Wright holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mathematics from the UQ and a doctoral degree in mathematics education from the University of Georgia. He is an adjunct professor in mathematics education at Southern Cross University. Bob is an internationally recognised leader in assessment and instruction relating to children's early arithmetical knowledge and strategies, publishing six books, and many articles and papers in this field. His work over the last 25 years has included the development of the Mathematics Recovery Program, which focuses on providing specialist training for teachers to advance the numeracy levels of young children assessed as low-attainers. In Australia and NZ, Ireland, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa and elsewhere, this programme has been implemented widely and applied extensively to classroom teaching, to average and able learners as well as low-attainers. Bob has conducted several research projects.