Faculty of Education HDR student profiles

Adrienne (Adi) Brown

Thesis: Locating place-based pedagogy: A posthuman inquiry into Visual Arts and Design Higher Education in China and New Zealand

Research interests: Visual Arts curriculum and pedagogy in higher education, within international settings of art making, and the intra-actions that occur between learner, artist, teacher and researcher.

Adrienne Brown - one page profile


Silvia Mariah Handayani

Thesis: An investigation of heutagogical teacher training in Indonesia

Research interests: To be supplied

Silvia Mariah Handayani - one page profile


Tim Barringham

Thesis: A Symphony of Binaries: Exploring critical and creative thinking through encounters with luminaries, learners, and loud heavy metal music

Research interests: To be supplied

Tim Barringham - one page profile


Matthew Hodge

Thesis: Developing collective teacher efficacy in rural Queensland secondary schools

Research interests: How school leaders in rural secondary schools overcome the factors that hinder the development of collective teacher efficacy as a means of improving student achievement.

Matthew Hodge - one page profile


Simone Blom

Thesis: Returning Learning: exploring childhoodnature through posthumanism

Research interests: Nurturing biophilia through the early years: Parents’ and children’s perspectives.

Simone Blom - one page profile


Carl Hotko

Thesis: Teaching while the black dogs bark: Understanding the vicarious trauma experienced by Queensland secondary teachers in a digitally saturated age

Research interests: Teacher well-being, supporting colleagues in an exhausted profession

Carl Hotko - one page profile


Verity Beames

Thesis: Graduate to Proficient: How Principals evaluate evidence using the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Research interests: Keeping a breadth in active study and learning through practice, the journey of being persistent and hope-filled is a driving force personally and professionally.

Verity Beames - one page profile


Thilinika Wijesinghe

Thesis: An exploration of how Speculative Drama can be engaged to understand children and young people’s future world views on Climate Change

Research interests: Drama and Theatre, Speculative Drama, Arts-based educational research, environmental education, climate change education, child-framed research methodologies.

Thilinika Wijesinghe - one page profile


Marie-Laurence Paquette (Mahi)

Thesis: Planetary ethics and agentic capacities in business: Accelerating the paradigm shift in the Capitalocene

Research interests: Understanding and mapping the transition between the current paradigm of business as usual in SMEs and the next paradigm, using theories of poststructuralism, postmodernism and posthumanism as bridging inquiries through methodologies associated with pedagogy of wisdom and experience.

Marie-Laurence Paquette - one page profile


Teresa Carapeto

Thesis: Relations as Nature in Steiner Waldorf Teacher Practice and its Transcendence into the Classroom and Beyond

Research interests: Steiner Waldorf Education and Environmental Education.

Teresa Carapeto - one page profile


Yaw Ofosu-Asare

Thesis: Decolonising Design Education in Ghana (Sankofa): Exploring Ghanaian indigenous knowledge in developing an authentic and sustainable culturally curriculum resource for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Research interests: The Study of Design Education in Ghana: Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) context

Yaw Ofosu-Asare - one page profile


Phillip Chambers

Thesis: Understanding vocational teachers’ perceptions of quality teaching

Research interests: To be supplied

Phillip Chambers - one page profile


Janeen Silcock

Thesis: Dancing in the rain – A case study of school leadership

Research interests: To be supplied

Janeen Silcock - one page profile


Michael Hepi

Thesis: What do stakeholders say about leadership of teacher and parent partnerships in STEM science in a NSW primary school.

Research interests: Passionate advocate for public education, NSW Teachers Federation state counsellor and state executive membeMi

Michael Hepi - One page profile

Nathaniel (Nate) Siler

Thesis: Leading educational jurisdictions in academic performance in science – What factors have shaped the teaching of science in the schools of Alberta, Canada?

Research interests: International benchmark assessment in science, education of preservice science teachers, literacy within science, literacy within mathematics, science instruction for 21st-century students.

Nathaniel Siler - one page profile


Lisa Siegel

Thesis: Moving towards the Gynocene: Exploring the life experiences of women environmentalists

Research interests: The lived experiences of women environmentalists. Based on a new materialist feminist theoretical framework, this research employs a collective biography methodology to explore how environmental agency can be understood and mediated.

Lisa Siegel - one page profile


Katie Hotko

Thesis: Teachers' creative self-beliefs and their effects on teaching Visual Arts in Primary School

Research interests: Process philosophy and a/r/tography.

Katie Hotko - one page profile


Diana Doust

Thesis: Preserve teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs about numeracy

Research interests: To be supplied

Diana Doust - one page profile


Frances Barr

Thesis: Identifying how the maths education perspectives and recommendations of students experiencing mild and moderate intellectual disabilities can be used to increase inclusive teaching and learning practices

Research interests: To be supplied

Frances Barr - one page profile


Paul Fradale

Thesis: The impacts on teaching practice when a school introduces an initiative designed to embed the concept of ‘Blended Learning’ into classrooms

Research interests: To be supplied

Paul Fradale - one page profile


Lisa Ellem

Thesis: Adult Learning: Meeting the needs of adult learners today.

Lisa Ellem - one page profile

Natalie Gardam

Thesis: VET Voices of Success: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student experiences.

Research interests: I am a novice researcher in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. I acknowledge my position as a non-Indigenous female researcher, an outsider to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, and yet an insider to VET.  

Natalie Gardam - one page profile


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