Nathaniel (Nate) Siler

Thesis: Leading educational jurisdictions in academic performance in science – What factors have shaped the teaching of science in the schools of Alberta, Canada?

Research interests: International benchmark assessment in science, education of preservice science teachers, literacy within science, literacy within mathematics, science instruction for 21st-century students.

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Lisa Siegel

Thesis: Moving towards the Gynocene: Exploring the life experiences of women environmentalists

Research interests: The lived experiences of women environmentalists. Based on a new materialist feminist theoretical framework, this research employs a collective biography methodology to explore how environmental agency can be understood and mediated.

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Katie Hotko

Thesis: Teachers' creative self-beliefs and their effects on teaching Visual Arts in Primary School

Research interests: Process philosophy and a/r/tography.

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Diana Doust

Thesis: Preserve teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs about numeracy

Research interests: To be supplied

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Frances Barr

Thesis: Identifying how the maths education perspectives and recommendations of students experiencing mild and moderate intellectual disabilities can be used to increase inclusive teaching and learning practices

Research interests: To be supplied

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Paul Fradale

Thesis: The impacts on teaching practice when a school introduces an initiative designed to embed the concept of ‘Blended Learning’ into classrooms

Research interests: To be supplied

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