Dr Raoul Adam

Dr Raoul Adam

Senior Lecturer

Raoul Adam is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Southern Cross University. With over 25 years of teaching and research experience, he has a strong commitment to education. He is a recipient of several university citations and a national ALTC Award for teaching.

Dr Jemma Peisker

Dr Jemma Peisker

Honours Course Coordinator

Jemma Peisker has taught in South East Queensland schools for 12 years as a Senior Visual Arts Teacher and has a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Bachelor of Fine Art, Honours in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Education Honours (First Class) and PhD.

Brad Shipway

Dr Brad Shipway


Brad Shipway is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Gold Coast campus, where he teaches Primary History, Geography and Civics. Brad has taught from K-10 across a range of different schooling systems.

Dr Angela Turner

Dr Angela Turner

Technology Education Course Coordinator

Angela Turner's research is positioned under the umbrella of Design and Technologies education, specifically food education, sustainability and food innovation research (regional foods and food education research).

Adjunct Julie Davis

Adjunct Professor Julie Davis

Adjunct Professor

Julie Davis’s teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of science, health, society and environment, with a special interest in early childhood education for sustainability (ECEfS). Helping educators understand and grapple with issues of sustainability lie at the core of her pedagogical approaches.

Lady with blonde hair and glasses

Adjunct Professor Rita Irwin

Adjunct Professor

Rita Irwin is an artist, researcher, and teacher deeply committed to the arts and education. Her research interests have spanned in-service art education, teacher education, socio-cultural issues, and curriculum practices across K-12 and informal learning settings.

Ben Roche, Human Geographer portrait

Ben Roche

Human Geographer

As a human geographer, Ben Roche is passionate about participatory approaches to sustainable development and the role that education and engagement can play in creating resilience, capacity and well-being in communities. He has taught, researched and practised in the areas of community-based learning, participatory planning, sustainable development and community engagement.

David Rousell

Dr David Rousell

Adjunct Researcher

David Rousell began his career as an internationally-recognised artist before moving into academia to further pursue his teaching and research interests. David brings 20 years of professional experience as an interdisciplinary artist to his academic roles, including exhibitions, installations, performances and film screenings in public galleries and performance spaces all over the world.

Kim Snepvangers profile image

Adjunct Professor Kim Snepvangers

Adjunct Professor

Kim Snepvangers (PFHEA) is an Adjunct Professor at Southern Cross University and a leader in creative ecologies, partnerships and arts-based research practice, with a particular interest in working with Cultural Mentors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies.

Adjunct Keith Skamp

Adjunct Associate Professor Keith Skamp

Adjunct Associate Professor

Keith Skamp's areas of specialisation are science and environmental/sustainability education and research methodology and Keith lectured in undergraduate and graduate units for many years in these areas. Keith was involved in the professional development of primary and secondary teachers at state, national and international levels for many years.

Lady smiling, wearing glasses

Adjunct Associate Professor Judith Wilks

Adjunct Associate Professor

With a Geography background, Judith Wilks worked for many years as an Environmental Planner. Judith’s current research interests include successful transitions to higher education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, online teaching methodologies in higher education, active environmental education approaches such as child-friendly cities, and participatory methodologies for children and young people.