Ms Elisabeth Barratt Hacking

University of Bath

Ms Hacking’s research interests relate to childhood and environment and children’s participation and she has published widely in the fields of environmental education and education for sustainability. She has been involved in numerous educational research, evaluation and development projects for many years, mostly with schools, students, teachers and leaders.

Dr Sally Birdsall

The University of Auckland

Before her appointment as a Lecturer in Primary Science, Sally taught at various intermediate schools in Years 7 and 8 and in primary schools from Years 1 to 6. She has always been interested in science and while teaching was responsible for science in schools. As part of Sally's Master of Education, she completed a research project into an aspect of environmental education.

Dr Ali Black

University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Ali Black is an innovative arts-based and narrative researcher. Her research and scholarly work seeks to foster connectedness, community, wellbeing and meaning-making through the building of reflective and creative lives and identities. Ali is a highly regarded early childhood specialist who lectures into the Education Programs at USC.

Professor Susan Edwards

Australian Catholic University

Professor Susan Edwards is Director of the Early Childhood Futures research program in the Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University. Her group investigates the role of play-based learning in the early childhood curriculum for the 21st century.

Dr Sue Elliott

University of New England

Dr Elliott’s research interests are design, play and pedagogy in outdoor learning environments, including nature-based playspaces and Australian adaptations of forest preschool approaches, education for sustainability in early childhood settings from systems theory and critical theory perspectives, and action research methodologies with practitioners to facilitate change.

Mr David Sobel

Antioch University of New England

Mr Sobel was co-founder of the Harrisville Children’s Centre in Harrisville, New Hampshire, and has served as a publicly elected school board member in Nelson and Harrisville, New Hampshire. He has served as a staff development and science curriculum consultant to schools in New Hampshire and Vermont and has been a guest speaker and workshop leader for a variety of school and environmental organisations.

Professor Margaret Somerville

Western Sydney University

Professor Somerville is Professor of Education and the Director of the Centre for Educational Research in University of Western Sydney's School of Education. She is also the Chair of the Greater Western Sydney chapter of the United Nations Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development (one of only four in Australia).

Dr Peta White

Deakin University

Dr White has been a long-term activist in the environmental education field. She is currently a member of the Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE). She is a life-time member (and past president) of the Saskatchewan Outdoor and Environmental Education Association (SOEEA) and winner of the 2011 Melanson Award for Outstanding Contributions to Environment and Outdoor Education.

Dr Helen Widdop Quinton

Victoria University

Helen is an experienced secondary teacher and environmental educator. Her early career as a science, biology and health teacher eventually lead to working with community and non-government organisations (Landcare, Greening Australia, Victorian Schools’ Garden Awards) as an environmental/sustainability educator, where she has been involved in curriculum writing and project management as well as supporting schools with environmental projects.

Professor Dilafruz Williams

Portland State

Dilafruz Williams, PhD, is a professor of Leadership for Sustainability Education. She has authored more than 50 chapters, journal articles, and curriculum resource guides and has given more than 100 invited lectures, symposia, and/or conference papers.

Associate Professor Sandra Wooltorton

University of Notre Dame

Sandra comes from Noongar country in South West Western Australia. She joined Notre Dame University as Director of Nulungu Research Institute in January, 2015. Sandra has worked at different times as a teacher, an education officer, and a lecturer/researcher in WA and the NT.