Conan Bland

Senior School Teacher, The Southport School

Bachelor of Human Movement Science, Bachelor of Education (Secondary) - now available as Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Conan Bland is a teacher at The Southport School on the Gold Coast, where he has a number of roles. He is the educational support coordinator, looking after students with additional learning needs, assistant house master, and director of cadets (a special outdoor education program).

Conan said, that as a mature age student, he wanted to make the most of the opportunity that studying at SCU gave him.

"I was fully committed to making it a success," he said.

"I was all-in for university. I was ready for the distractions. I knew I had to engage in the subject matter and create a balance between my academic priorities and the social aspects."

As well as being a teacher, Conan has more than 13 years of military experience. While studying at SCU, he had to juggle study commitments with overseas deployments.

"SCU was very flexible considering I was overseas so much. I had to give short notice a number of times that I was unable to attend subjects. I was able to withdraw from subjects, or study them externally. It was really flexible and satisfying."

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