Lachlan Humphries

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Extreme sport filmmaker

Creative Director, Clean Line Productions

Lachlan can safely say his visual arts degree has taken many him places where others dare not tread. As an extreme ski and snowboard filmmaker, he's filmed some of the world's craziest skiers and snowboarders shredding the slopes of the New Zealand and French Alps. Lachlan came to Southern Cross University when he was 18, partly to escape the Sydney rat race.

"I came to SCU because it was near Byron Bay. I wanted to get away from everything and make my own life. I had surfing, art school, and friends. Life was pretty good," he said.

After graduating he pursued his painting with a passion, holding an exhibition as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he performed live painting exhibitions at French ski resort Chamonix. However, painting soon turned to photography.

"I had learnt photography at SCU and so was able to start earning money from shooting action sports at the ski resort, which was a great way to earn money."

Photography quickly turned to film, where Lachlan could apply the same skills he had gained as an art student.

"I knew about lighting, settings and composition. So when I went into video I knew the fundamentals. I got into extreme snowboarding and through that I got to know the professionals. I was hanging out with the best of the best and filming them doing the most dangerous stuff."

Lachlan has also used his visual arts skills to produce the graphic for his videos and for the marketing of his company Clean Line Productions where understanding of visual design helps with creating websites and marketing material.

These days his life is a perpetual winter, constantly chasing snow in New Zealand and France, sometimes getting helicoptered onto mountains far from roads and resorts.

"Sometimes friends say to me, 'Oh you've stopped painting, you used to be really creative,' but if they knew the process of video making, they would realise it's just the same, just a different output. With a video I can tell a story, make a message, and best of all, it's completely share-able."