Steven Layt

Bachelor of Business

Globally Experienced President/CEO

From humble beginnings working in a fast-food outlet in Grafton, Steve Layt has gone on to be a leader in the global restaurant industry, including the former president of the multi-billion dollar restaurant company Applebee's.

Mr Layt graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Southern Cross University in 1997. In 2003 he took up a position with Yum Brands' international division, moving with his family to Dallas, Texas. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the US restaurant chain Buffets in 2007. He is the former president of Applebee's, a company with more than 2000 restaurants globally and sales of more than $5 billion. He grew up in Grafton and at the age of 17, was a member of the State Emergency Service that responded to the Cowper bus crash, which claimed the lives of 21 people and injured 22 others. Last year on the 25th anniversary of the crash, he received an NSW Premier's Award for his efforts. He is also a licensed Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot in the United States.

"Being able to go to uni nearly 20 years ago was a big deal for me - being able to graduate was an even bigger deal and it set me on just a wonderful course working around the world with some great companies and some great people," Steve said.

"Certainly for me being a graduate and being a part of this University is pretty special."

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