SCU reconnects with Sydney Alumni

SCU alumni connect at the launch event

Southern Cross University alumni living in Sydney

Southern Cross University alumni living in Sydney are reconnecting through the Sydney Alumni Network.

Network president Peter Vasey, who graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in media and communications, said there were around 6000 SCU alumni in Sydney.

"There's a terrific opportunity to network and learn from each other. When you look at the range of disciplines that SCU offers, there's a lot of cross-disciplinary learning that could help all of us in our day to day work," Mr Vasey said.

"It's just amazing the people and the skills they have. It's an untapped resource for us in Sydney and we are looking for ways to make use of that and benefit each other."

Mr Vasey said there was also a huge opportunity for the Sydney Alumni Network to tap into SCU's Asia Pacific networks, which were really strong.

"We are looking to build up the Sydney network so we can engage with other networks in Australia and in the Asia Pacific region."

Mr Vasey said the event set the scene for the type of activity the network was keen to offer.

"We also got a lot of feedback from the alumni who attended the event. We are trying to grow our network through social media and we are happy to hear from anyone who wants to be involved," he said. "If you are new to Sydney, our network can also offer some great social activities."