SCU School of Education Alumni Network

SCU School of Education Alumni Network seeks to connect alumni, along with current and former staff members.

The aim of the network is to facilitate communication between Education alumni, enhance professional learning and connect former students with current School of Education activities.

Founding members of the network are: Dr Neville Jennings (former lecturer); Dr Robert Smith (current lecturer); Jubilee Smith (former student in the Primary program and current lecturer) and Martina Baumer (former student in the Secondary program).

The network has the support of staff members and especially the current Head of the School of Education, Professor Faye McCallum.

Network members wishing to interact with others, please use the dedicated Education LinkedIn page.

While alumni members wishing keep abreast of news from the School of Education are encouraged to visit the School of Education Facebook page.

For further information about the network contact Neville Jennings by email.