COVID-19: Creating a stronger bond within organisations

Jackson Jones nursing graduate
Jackson Jones

For emergency nurse, Jackson Jones, working during the COVID-19 pandemic has been an eye-opening experience.

The organisation he works for, Northern NSW Local Health District, has had to respond and change quickly to ensure the safety of the public and staff alike in dealing with the virus.

“We as a team are more united than ever during this pandemic,” said Mr Jones.

“Medical personnel and all hospital staff are the front line, we are in this together, so I believe this has cemented a bond between all organisations having to go through this.”

Mr Jones says the nurses, like all Emergency staff, try their best regardless of the situation at hand.

“I have learnt that being a nurse requires a whole lot of intuition, knowledge, commitment to the profession and a fantastic sense of humour.”

“As confronting as this virus is, I would not change the profession I have chosen, I love it, I go to work every day ready for what comes next.”

Mr Jones says he has also learnt that no matter what uncontrollable, unfortunate situation life throws at us, people seem to rally together to help one another and he highlights the importance of communicating with your friends, family and loved ones.

“For anyone going through a crisis, not just this one, call someone you love and talk to them.”

Additional ‘calls to action’ Mr Jones would like to share with the alumni and student community include:

“Look at what has happened to other countries because of this pandemic. It is phenomenal the impact it has had on their healthcare system.”

“If you can stay at home, do so. Please.”