COVID-19: Alphabetising your exercise routine

Woman doing headstand
Katie Jones readjusts as the world turns upside down

Katie Brown is genuinely having a great time in isolation. Once a Bachelor of Media student at Southern Cross University, Ms Brown is now a reporter/presenter for, with a bit of spare time on her hands.

“We tried to keep the competition alive for as long as possible, but the risk was too high to continue, and it was suspended after Round 2. I was proud of the business for pushing as far as it could, but ultimately the health of the world is far more important than a rugby league fixture and we all know that.”

COVID-19 initially forced the to shift into working groups (teams A, B, C).

They would alternate teams each week in an attempt to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread. On March 24, however, the CEO informed the teams that only skeletal staff would continue to work.

“This meant I was one of the employees to go on annual leave and I have been off work ever since,” said Ms Brown. “I had just returned to work after an eight-week holiday (or an off-season) so I was very enthusiastic and ready for the season.”

“My family and friends will tell you I struggle to sit still, but I've been forced to stop and smell the roses!”

Ms Brown is now using her time to educate herself more broadly on politics, sport, history, and boost her social media engagement, and disengagement.

“I've even challenged myself to stay off social media for a whole week - this could get interesting.”

One of the things Katie Did with her spare time before reducing her social media exposure was develop the ‘NRL Iso Inspo Challenge’ on Instagram.

“I came up with a body weight exercise for every letter of the alphabet, that you can do inside your home.”

“You can pick your favourite NRL player and you do as many reps and rounds to each letter of their name as you'd like.”

“We got it sponsored by Rebel and it's been really fun for fans to engage with and tag their mates.”

Aside from getting into the challenge Ms Brown has another suggestion.

“Do not set yourself extraordinary goals, we're going through an extraordinarily bizarre time. Living is enough right now.”

But for those that need some suggestions on how to embrace their spare time Ms Brown has this to say:

“If you are someone who likes routine and achieving, I suggest you keep that same alarm clock on, you exercise, you keep the mind ticking with study, books, podcasts, documentaries, treat yourself to breaks for 'free time', eat good food so you feel good, play darts, so yoga, hula hooping, bodyweight exercises, aerobics, baking, card games, board games, meditation - there's a few ideas!”

“Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands.”