Award Categories

The Award categories are:

  • Engaged Learning (self-nomination)
  • Engaged Research (self-nomination)
  • Community Impact (self-nomination)

You may nominate for more than one award category, but you must submit separate forms for each category.

Engaged Learning

This category recognises activity that contributes to the student experience by providing meaningful community contexts for student learning. Nominations for this Award will demonstrate innovative teaching and learning delivered through mutually beneficial community involvement.


  1. Demonstrate how your teaching and learning activity generates an enhanced student learning experience.
  2. Provide evidence of how the community benefited from your teaching and learning activity.

Engaged Research

This category recognises research activity that is defined and driven by the community in response to key societal issues. It recognises research activity that involves community as meaningful partners throughout a research process that has mutual benefit and relevance to a community. Nominees for this Award will reflect reciprocity, collaboration and participation.


  1. Demonstrate meaningful community involvement throughout the research process.
  2. Provide evidence of how your research generated reciprocity and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Community Impact

This category recognises contribution towards critical issues in society and is evidenced through community identified impact. Community impact is defined as active citizenship that results in enhanced community capacity to address key societal issues within an identified community of interest. This Award incorporates the service activities of individuals, where your contribution as a citizen draws on your expertise and experience as a member of the University community.


  1. Demonstrate how your activity results in the enhanced capacity and/or capability of a community within an identified community of interest.
  2. Provide evidence of how the community has benefited as a result of your activity.