Equity and Diversity Contacts

Equity and Diversity Contacts act as a point of contact for students and staff members who may have a query or concern about an equity or diversity matter. They are staff of the University who have a genuine commitment to the principles of equity and social justice and volunteer to take on this role.

Equity and Diversity Contacts play an active role in promoting equity and diversity within the University. They are proactive agents who assist in promoting an inclusive workplace and learning culture that values and affirms both the principles and practice of equity and diversity.

Role of Equity & Diversity Contacts

Equity & Diversity Contacts can;

  • assist a staff member or student to clarify a situation,
  • identify the nature of an enquiry/complaint and provide information on the scope of University policies/procedures & possible options available to resolve a matter, including, for further assistance, referral to appropriate areas/services of the University,
  • inform the person about the key principles underpinning University policies; including confidentiality, natural justice and rights of all parties,
  • deal with enquiries whilst maintaining strict confidentiality, and
  • keep data regarding enquiries and provide this confidential information to the Head, Equity and Diversity.

The Equity and Diversity Contact role does not include advocacy.

Lismore Campus Equity & Diversity Contacts

Bill Boyd
Professor Bill Boyd
School of Environment, Science and Engineering
02 6620 3569

Rob Cumings 
Mr Rob Cumings
Student Equity & Inclusion Office
02 6626 9208

Christine Martin
Ms Christine Martin
SCU International
02 6626 9368

Anja Scheffers
Professor Anja Scheffers
Southern Cross GeoScience
02 6620 3392

Michelle Simpson
Ms Michelle Henry 
SCU International
02 6620 3288

Jennifer Nielson
Dr Jennifer Nielsen
School of Law and Justice
02 6620 3081

Gold Coast Campus Equity & Diversity Contacts

Sally Ashton-Hay
Dr Sally Ashton-Hay
Centre for Teaching & Learning
07 5589 3113

Jacky Zhang
Mr Jacky Zhang
SCU International
07 5589 3026 

Coffs Harbour Campus Equity & Diversity Contacts

Anna Scott
Dr Anna Scott
School of Environment, Science and Engineering
National Marine Science Centre
02 6648 3923

Training and Ongoing Professional Development

Prior to commencing in the Equity & Diversity Contact role, staff are required to participate in a training program delivered by the Equity and Diversity Office. Successful nominees attend this training at no cost to the nominee.

In addition, the Equity & Diversity office arranges ongoing professional development, for skills and to keep contact officers informed of relevant policy developments, legislative changes and of the available resources.


Confidentiality must be strictly observed and University policies and procedures strictly adhered to. The names of parties and other persons directly involved in the matters of concern shall not be divulged to any persons beyond the Equity and Diversity Contacts and others nominated in the relevant policies and procedures.

Enquiry Record Forms with statistical details of the enquiry/concern and outcome that does not reveal the identity of the parties will be maintained. These records are held with the Head, Equity and Diversity.

As this role is a voluntary one, it is crucial that any staff member interested in taking on the role has the support of their supervisor and manager before putting forward a nomination.

Further Information:

Enquiries regarding Equity and Diversity Contacts can be directed to the Equity Coordinator Rob Cumings

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