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Planning is underway for the 2019 Fusion Festival

The 2018 Fusion Festival was held on Thursday 30 August 2018 at the Gold Coast campus commencing at around 11:45am and concluding at 3:00pm.

This year the festival was co-sponsored by the Study Gold Coast Student Hub. 




Festival-goers were provided with $5:00 vouchers from 11:30am on the Green at Gold Coast campus and from the CoastRs stall to be used in conjunction with purchasing food from the following providers at the Fusion Festival; 

  • Wok’N Rice street food: Think traditional fried rice but better! - Halal, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and new Vegan Chickpea Curry meals available.
  • Pequeña Cocina (Little Kitchen): Serves authentic Latin American street food from the back of a classic 1975 Chevrolet C30 pick-up. Pequeña Cocina are passionate about showcasing authentic Latin American street food with an ever-changing menu.
  • The Kitchen Garden: Healthy & organic eating with the freshest ingredients to create nourishing meals. The food is grilled, no deep fryer & the menu is inspired by the multicultural Australian taste of an Asian & Mexican fusion. 100% compostable and biodegradable packaging is used.

Festival Highlights

Black Mantis Kung Fu Lion Dance


There are many different ways of performing the Lion Dance, but each one follows the same basic pattern. The eight elements of the basic Lion Dance are: Sleeping, Opening, Playing, Searching, Fighting, Eating, Closing, and Sleeping. The dance may be extended, or parts may be left out. The lion dance is also accompanied by the music of a large drum, gong and cymbals, and the popping of firecrackers. To begin Lion Dance, drums, cymbals and gongs play as loud as possible. This wakes up the lion. The lion is grumpy when it wakes up! It circles around, growling and gargling. Then, the lion bows to the audience and begins to dance with the music. After all these exercises, Lion Dance comes to the climax. Now the lion is hungry, so it starts "Chai Chin," that means looking for a snack, and "Chin" is a green vegetable. The lion takes "Chin" into its mouth, and then spits "Chin" out over the audience. Firecracker explodes, and everyone cheers.


Toko-ton Taiko

Toko-ton Taiko is a Brisbane-based Japanese drumming group. The group offers a traditional, authentic, rhythmic, fluid and energetic experience of Japanese culture through their performances and workshops. The members continue their studies of the art form, returning to Japan each year to stay connected to its origins, allowing them to build on their knowledge and skills to share here in Australia.

Festival Schedule 





Welcome & Festival opening

Official welcome to the University by Professor Nan Bahr - Southern Cross University Pro Vice Chancellor (Students) and Dean of Education and Trevor Jackson - Study Gold Coast

12:00 Midday

Welcome to Country, smoking ceremony and cultural dance

Traditional welcome by members of the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre


Toko-ton Taiko

Performance and workshop on traditional Japanese drum


Black Mantis Kung Fu Lion Dance

Performance of eight elements of the Lion Dance: sleeping, opening, playing, searching, fighting, eating, closing and sleeping


Pacific Island Dance group

Southern Cross University student performance


Mixed Polynesian Revue

Cultural exchange from Tahiti, Cook Islands, Hawaii and Samoa


Traditional Nepalese Dance

Southern Cross University student performance


Traditional African Dance

Cultural performance in traditional dress


Bangladesh Dancers

Southern Cross University student performance


Southern Cross University Ukele Club

Southern Cross University student performance


Mexican Cultural Dress demonstration

Southern Cross University student performance


Indian Dance

Southern Cross University student performance


International Dance-A-Thon

All performers and festival-goers are invited to dance together to celebrate the closing of the Fusion Festival


CoastRs After-party

Wind down at the end of the festival at the official after-party! Finishes at 7:00pm

Festival Information Stalls & Activities

The 2018 Fusion Festival provided an opportunity for festival-goers to discover and interact with the rich diversity of Southern Cross University's Gold Coast campus by engaging with the variety of information stalls and activities on offer as part of the festival.

Festival-goers were able to explore a British tea demonstration, Taiwanese photography display, International Student Exchange – outbound mobility stall, Outback Jak – local excursion stall, Aussie photo booth, Henna Art, CoastRs student association stall, Study Gold Coast stall and activities on the grass that include giant cultural games.

Wear it Purple

Wear it Purple is a national movement to support the health and well-being of young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. Wear It Purple lets young people know that they have the right to be proud of who they are regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender identity. Wear it Purple is simple ... it is about respect.

Wear It Purple aims to create a world safe for all young people, regardless of their gender or sexual identity, in which they are free to learn, grow and belong.

There was a Wear It Purple information stall at the festival and festival-goers were invited to wear purple to show their support.