Photo Competition Gallery 2018

Entries from the 2018 Faces of Fusion

This gallery features images submitted to the 2018 Fusion Festival "Faces of Fusion" Photography competition by students and staff of Southern Cross University and of TAFE and the Senior College at Coffs Harbour Education campus.

Congratulations to all who entered and shared some beautiful and interesting photos.


First Prize Winner

"East and West Fusion Offspring", photo by Naomi Lai.
East and West fusion marriage. Our children rejoice in their Chinese heritage as they grow up in country NSW.


Second Prize Winner

"Ingwe" photo by Will Gaildraud.
I took this portrait while travelling in South Africa for a friend's upcoming exhibition of murals that he would do around the city of Johannesburg.

lab group 2018 720

Third Prize Winner

“Diversity in the Lab” photo by Liam Bolitho.
Assoc. Prof. Kirsten Benkendorff and her diverse group of Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers work collaboratively in the marine environmental chemistry laboratory.



“Afghanistan – blue eyes in the Great Mosque of Herat” photo by: Jean S Renouf. I took this picture in Herat’s Great Mosque, Afghanistan, as I found those blue eyes fitting with the mosque’s blue tiles.

Women of Fusion Festival 720


"Women of Fusion Festival" photo by: Jimzeena LeCerf. Coffs Harbour campus Fusion Festival 2018 - the beautiful and diverse faces that makes the day. Ethiopian, Eritrean, Thai, Vietnamese and Maldivian women that contributed to the success of the festival.



"Sea of Fusion Faces watching the young Yazidis" photo by: Jimzeena LeCerf. A sea of faces watching the young Syrian Yazidis dancing. It was a moment that will remain in the memory of most in the crowd. These new migrants to the area have enriched our diverse region in immeasurable ways.