Become a UniMentor

SCU UniMentor Program

Students who have successfully completed the equivalent of one year of study at the University can volunteer to become a UniMentor.

Face-to-face and on-line mentoring opportunities are available. UniMentors receive training from the University and a Certificate of Appreciation for their contributions.

UniMentors are guided and supported by UniMentor Coordinators and a structured, responsive and award-winning program which has been developed over many years.

UniMentors experience the 'joy of giving' and contributing to a student-friendly, respectful and supportive University community.

Benefits of becoming a UniMentor include:

  • developing and practising leadership and communication skills
  • meeting new people and helping others
  • enhancing your CV skillset
  • attaining Training and Appreciation Certificates from the University
"Being a UniMentor is both a privilege and an honour, I would advise all students take the opportunity to give back and support our beautiful university, to enhance our environment." (UniMentor)

To become a UniMentor, please go to:

What's Involved?

Students who volunteer as UniMentors have a keen desire to help other students settle in and feel they belong at the University. UniMentors may be matched with up to three student mentees, but usually the number is one or two.

UniMentors complete training and undertake the duties of the UniMentor role, including:

  • arranging meetings (face-to-face or on-line) during the study session,
  • keeping in regular contact with their student mentees via email,
  • being available to offer support and assistance, or refer student mentees to services , and
  • respecting the privacy and confidentiality of student mentees.

UniMentors are not expected to be academic tutors. The amount of time it takes to help student mentees can vary, but most UniMentors say they spend less than one hour per week.

"It is an awesome experience not just because you get to help others, but also because you get to develop more insight regarding your strengths and weaknesses." (UniMentor)

Mentor MaxWatch a video of mentor Max talking about being a UniMentor