Request a UniMentor

SCU UniMentor Program

Students with a UniMentor usually settle into University life more quickly because they feel supported and connected to the University community.

Any undergraduate student (Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree) commencing their study on-campus or on-line can apply for a UniMentor

To find available UniMentors and access information for new students; 

  • Go to MySCU and enter your login and password
  • Choose UniMentor from the Useful Links section at the bookmark icon (top right)
  • When you first access this site, please click on +ENROL and submit

You will now have access to handy information for new students and a list of available UniMentors.

To select a UniMentor please use the Find a Mentor tab in the left-hand menu.

You can filter your search by location and School. To select the right UniMentor for you, click on their profile - it's that simple!

Your UniMentor will receive an email to let them know you have selected them. They will get in touch with you initially via your Southern Cross University email address.

Q: How Do I Contact My UniMentor?
A: You can send each other an email via your student email account. UniMentors volunteer their time. Please respect this generosity by replying to their communications in a timely way. Your UniMentor will probably have more than one mentee and we encourage your UniMentor to facilitate a group meeting, in-person or on-line, so you can meet other new students.
Q: For How Long Does My UniMentor Help Me?
A: Your UniMentor will keep in contact for one study session. However, you may find you've developed a friendship and keep in contact for much longer, if this is what both of you want.
Q: Is My UniMentor A Tutor?
A: Your UniMentor is not a tutor and is not expected to give you specific academic help. However, they may share their study tips to help you settle in to an academic routine and can direct you to University services to help with particular concerns you might have with a unit of study or item of assessment.
Q: What If Things Aren't Working Out Between Me And My UniMentor?
A: Please get in touch with the UniMentor team by emailing mentor@scu.edu.au 
"It makes you feel like you are not alone and always have someone to talk to." (Mentee)