Supporting Student Potential

At Southern Cross University our students are leaders…of today and tomorrow. The Rising Stars Scholarships program helps support our students to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. Rising Stars Scholarships aim to reward students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential and provide financial support to students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to achieve a university education.

Interested in supporting the Rising Stars Scholarship Program?

"The scholarship has given me the financial support through my first year of university and a boost in self-confidence for my achievements. It has allowed me to work less and still be able to pay for my expenses while studying… the self-confidence boost has given me will allow me to take opportunities in the future that I did not think were possible before."

David Stuckey - Lismore City Council Mayor's scholarship recipient 2016

"With the help of the Louise Morgan Scholarship, I have been very successful. The financial strain of being a student has been lightened. I have been able to apply more time to my studies, and it has allowed me to worry less about my financial status. I will always hold the Louise Morgan Scholarship close to my heart, as it has been a great support in my first year of University."

Isabeau Schubert - Louise Morgan Scholarship recipient 2016

"Working part time and studying can be extremely difficult in terms of financial stability so the monetary contribution made has been an exceptional burden and stress relief. It has allowed me to focus on my studies with the designated textbooks, without having to worry or try to fit extra working hours into my schedule, which would impact my grades significantly. For this, I am extremely grateful and honestly cannot thank you enough for the support."

Alannah Hill - Far North Coast Law Society scholarship recipient 2016

"The support means a lot to me in that it not only assists me greatly financially to pay for my HELP debt and textbooks but it also motivates me to really apply myself to my studies and get the most out of my University degree."

Lachlan Crowther - Lords Taverner's Northern NSW recipient 2016