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Live Ideas displays project ideas that have been submitted by partner organisations and approved by the Live Ideas team. Each project idea is based on the specific needs of a partner organisation. The Live Ideas team liaise with partners to assist working up possible project ideas. Once they are published on Live Ideas they are ready to go.

All you need to do is search for projects, look out for any specific requirements around timing and location, discuss project suitability with your Unit Assessor - once you have found the right project and your Unit Assessor gives approval - simply click 'Join this Project'. You can add search filters to help you locate a project that fits your units requirements.

Once your application to join a project is approved by the Live Ideas team, we will send you as much detail on the project that we have and the contact details of the partner organisation. It is then up to you to make contact with the partner organisation and get started.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Live Ideas

How to join a project

Visit the Live Ideas website and follow these simple steps to find a project that is relevant to you and submit your expression of interest:

  • Click on 'Projects'
  • Search through the available projects using search filters to help find the right project for you
  • Once you have found a project that you think meets your needs you need to seek approval from your Unit Assessor
  • Once you have approval from your Unit Assessor that the project fits unit requirements simply click on the 'Join this Project' tab
  • Fill in the form to submit your expression of interest.

Starting up your Live Ideas project

The steps to get started on a Live Ideas project include:

  • Search for available projects that suit your requirements;
  • Obtain Unit Assessor Approval to apply for the project as part of a unit of study;
  • Express your interest to join a project;
  • Consideration of your Expression of Interest by the Live Ideas team;
  • Receive project overview and partner contact details by email;
  • Get in touch with the partner organisation to discuss project specifics;
  • Use the Collaboration Guide to help identify all the project details you need;
  • Meet with the partner to define the project activities, timeline, outputs and approach;
  • Communicate regularly with your partner to provide updates on project successes and challenges;
  • Be upfront about any problems you are experiencing;
  • Meet with the partner to close off the project;
  • Complete the Live Ideas survey to share your experience with us.

Useful tips

  • If you like the focus of a project but are concerned about the scope, discuss it with the Live Ideas team. It may be possible to reduce the scope of the project down so it is more achievable for you.
  • Clear and regular communication is the most important ingredient for successful collaboration. It is important to agree how you will communicate, when and by what method. This seems simple, but often communicating at the wrong time the wrong way is what slows a collaboration down.
  • If you are undertaking the project as part of a unit, then you must remember your Unit Assessor is the key person responsible for your successful completion of all assessment tasks in the unit. Ensure you liaise with your unit assessor to ensure your project fits with the unit you are completing.
  • Be sure you can commit to the project before you decide to join the project. These are real projects with real partners and it is your responsibility to undertake the project in order to reach the mutually agreed end point.
  • Remember these projects are based on the needs of an organisation in our community. Be sure you understand the partner needs, how the project addresses those needs and importantly, how it fits with your studies.
  • Be upfront about your strengths and the ways that you feel you can best contribute to make the project a success.