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Live Ideas makes it easy for you to partner with Southern Cross University. It provides an opportunity for community partners to propose project ideas based your needs. These project ideas will then be promoted to staff and students at SCU to be undertaken as part of their studies, research or community service activities.

The idea for a project that you submit can be large or small. Students undertake projects of all sizes, from 20 hours to 300 hours in duration, depending on the different subjects or units that they are studying. Live Ideas encourages students and staff to work on real world projects as part of their teaching, learning and research activities.

To enable students to identify timely projects it will help to specify, if possible, project start and end dates that coincide with one or more of SCU's teaching sessions. We have a three session calendar which can summarised generally as follows: Session 1 February-May; Session 2: June-September; and Session 3 October-January.You may also want to time your project for the next best teaching session (eg think one session ahead) as student projects for the current session will most likely already be underway. Contact Live Ideas for help with specifying project availability.

All project ideas are assessed by the Live Ideas team at Southern Cross University. If we require further information or a little more detail our team will liaise with you. Once your project idea is approved as a suitable project for staff or students, it will be published on the Live Ideas website.

The Live Ideas team is here to help. If you have any questions about Live Ideas simply email the team.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

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What do I need to know before submitting a project proposal?

The project submit form will guide you through a series of questions that ask you to define your needs, aims and goals. We don't need you to provide a detailed project plan as once there are interested participants in your Live Ideas project, they will get in touch with you to scope the project in detail.

On Live Ideas, the project submit form will ask you to:

  • Describe your project idea and why it is of use to you;
  • Outline the aims and outcomes;
  • Highlight your needs that the project seeks to address;
  • Consider the time required to complete the project.

What commitment does my organisation need to make to a project?

Live Ideas turns your ideas into collaborative projects. We would expect that partner organisations are willing to identify a contact point for liaison about the project. Partner organisations may want to have a very small level of interaction, perhaps just providing a detailed brief for the project and then attending a final meeting. Alternatively, a partner organisation may want their staff to work closely with the SCU staff or students.

We consider partner organisations as critical collaborators for successful Live Ideas projects. If you submit a project and want to maximise its chances of success, we encourage you to get involved!

How to submit a project idea?

Visit the Live Ideas website and follow these simple steps to propose a project that is relevant to your organisation:

  • Click on "Submit a Project"
  • Fill in the online form

Useful tips

  • Consider project ideas that align with your current priorities and needs, so that you are more willing to invest time and interest in it.
  • It is always preferable to break a big project idea into component projects, even if they are stages or phases of the same overall project. This will maximise your chances of attracting interest in your projects from staff and students.
  • As all project ideas are listed on the Live Ideas website, it is important that you describe your project ideas in an attractive way. Students and staff will be considering undertaking the project as a volunteer and therefore it wouldn't help to sell your project a little to them!
  • Remember that for students the key focus for a Live Ideas project is learning, with the added benefit of generating a meaningful outcome for a community partner. Students are not working as professional consultants and as such will benefit from your consideration and interest in their learning.
  • Consider whether you really need face to face interaction on your project. If you don't and this could be done via phone or skype, this will make your project idea more accessible to students who are studying by distance.