Published 19 November 2001

Researchers at Southern Cross University are keen to contact women who have provided support to local women who have experienced living with domestic violence in a rural setting.

The aim of the study is to develop strategies that can be utilised to assist other supporters, according to the study's coordinator, Dr. Kierrynn Davis from SCU's School of Nursing and Health Care Practices.

"The research will explore ways in which supporters themselves can be supported", Dr. Davis explained. "We need to develop an understanding of what it is like to 'be there', supporting another woman through her experience. We need to understand what effect living in a rural setting has on the type of support given, and the role it plays in the supporter's ability to be effective in the support they provide".

She said it was essential to understand what could have made the role of supporter more effective.

"To develop understandings of these issues, we are asking women who have been supporters to talk with us in a safe and confidential interview. The long-term beneficiaries will be supporters of rural women in such situations as well as those women in domestic violence", she added.

Supporters were urged to contact the Research Office on 6620 3015 as soon as possible.

For further details, please contact

Lis Porritt or Dr. Kierrynn Davis,

School of Nursing, (02) 6620 3015

Or Mr Robin Osborne, Office of the Vice-Chancellor,

Phone: 6620 3039 Mobile: 0418 431 484