Southern Cross University Natural Medicine Clinic turns five

Published 8 September 2003

Since it opened five years ago, the Southern Cross University Natural Medicine Clinic has treated 1709 patients with naturopathy and a further 1977 patients with massage.

The conditions most commonly treated include: Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis or arthritis; High Blood Pressure; High Cholesterol; Stress/poor concentration; Depression/Grief/Anxiety; Sinusitis; and Gastro-intestinal disorders.

Student practitioners are available at the clinic for naturopathic consultations. They also conduct community education. Recent community education sessions were delivered at Lismore Base Hospital and Casino Cancer Care Support Groups on the benefits of massage; to the Ballina Arthritis Foundation regarding natural alternatives for treating arthritis, and to Preschool & Daycare providers on childhood nutrition.

The clinic also offers public community education courses through the year including Massage for Home Use, Understanding Your Dreams, Homoeopathic First Aid and Food As Medicine. These courses generally run for six weeks and are taught by School of Natural and Complementary Medicine lecturers.

Tomorrow, staff, and guests of the clinic will gather at 10.30 in the Industry Drive, East Lismore, clinic for a morning tea to mark the fifth birthday and to honour those who first proposed the idea. Guests will include practitioners from St. Vincent’s Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Wards, St. Joseph’s Nursing Home, Traditional Medicinals and Fundamental Foods.

8 September 2003

Further Information: Chris Stewart 0418 166423

Top seven complaints seen at the Natural Medicine Clinic


A condition that can require a multi-level approach. Glucosamine + MSM is effective for anti-inflammatory support while Fish oil is great for longer term anti-inflammatory control. Antioxidants have been found to slow the progression of OA.

High Blood Pressure – co-manage with GP

Commonly used modalities to treat high blood pressure include herbal medicine, dietary management and massage therapy. Specifically, herbs such as Hawthorn or Lime blossoms may be utilized as well as the DASH diet – low sodium diet.

High Cholesterol

Diet therapy and herbal medicines are the treatment options of choice here with a focus on reducing saturated fatty acids and increasing beneficial fats.

Stress/poor concentration

A key focus here is to support the nervous system with herbs which increase blood flow to the brain which significantly aids poor concentration and poor memory. Nutritional supplementation is useful in many cases as are Relaxation techniques or massage therapy.


Another complaint where supporting the nervous system is important. Herbal medicines – nerviness. Homoeopathics, bach flowers, massage therapy.


A complaint which responds well to several therapies including utilization of herbs with an anti-allergic action, diet therapy with an aim to reduce inflammation or nutritional supplements of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids.

Gastro-intestinal tract disorders

A focus in natural medicine often aims to optimize GIT functioning. Specific remedies include the herb Slippery Elm or nutritional supplements such as probiotics, fish oil or glutamine. Massage therapy or diet therapy such as an elimination diet can also prove useful.