Places in Surfing Studies Diploma Still Available

Published 23 January 2004

There are still places available for Australia’s first one-year Diploma of Sport Management (Surfing Studies) offered through Southern Cross University’s Tweed Gold Coast campus.

The course, developed in conjunction with Surfing Australia as well as with the involvement of the major surfing product manufacturers, aims to groom people for professional positions in the surfing industry nationally and internationally, course co-ordinator Jak Carroll said.

“Surfing is a major industry worth $1.2 billion in Australia alone,” said Mr Carroll, former Executive Director of the North Coast Academy of Sport and who has worked in senior sport management positions for over 10 years.

“This course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills required of employees and managers in the global surf industry,” Mr Carroll said.

The surfing industry has become increasingly prominent in recent years with surfboard manufacture, surf accessories, clothing manufacture, wholesale and retail sales, ‘surf tourism’, surf events and surf schools. Students will benefit from the expertise of the lecturing staff who are leaders in their respective fields, with strong links to the surf industry and general sport groups, and whose expertise is regularly sought in the national and international arena.

Subjects include Sport (Surfing) Marketing, Sport Management, Sport Events, Surfing Technology and Skills I, Surfing Culture, Sport Media, Sport Business, and Surfing Technology and Skills II.

People can apply directly to Southern Cross University for admission. The course is open to school leavers as well as mature-age students.

The diploma is a full-fee paying course, costing $9,600 for the year for domestic students (slightly more for international students).

For more information phone Diploma of Sport Management (Surfing Studies) course co-ordinator Jak Carroll, Ph: 07 5506 9312, or Email:, or see website: That takes you to SCU’s School of Exercise Science and Sport Management, then click on the course.