Forums bring business and education leaders together

Published 1 June 2007

Developing an integrated approach to education, involving business and community leaders, can help ensure the future needs of regions such as the Mid North and North Coast are met.

That’s the view of Wayne Delaforce, who will be one of the key speakers at an education forum being hosted by Southern Cross University’s Office of Regional Engagement at the Lismore campus on June 6 and Coffs Harbour campus on June 7.

Mr Delaforce, the assistant director development at Queensland University of Technology Carseldine, will be joined by Judi Buckley, the co-ordinator of Education Queensland’s Education Training Reforms for the Future.

Mr Delaforce has been associated with the Northern Corridor Education Precinct in northern Brisbane, which has brought together a range of education providers and business leaders.

“We have been looking at education reform and how we can share information and share resources across the sector,” Mr Delaforce said.

The project has also seen a greater focus on the socio-economic drivers in the region and the projected needs of business and industry.

“In 20 years’ time what will the industry and socio-economic landscape be? We need to know because we are educating those kids now who will be in that environment,” he said.

Mr Delaforce said regions such as Coffs Harbour and Lismore needed to look closely at what the emerging industries were and what education was needed to support them.

“Is it going to be climate change or transport? We need to know so we can actually bring the kids through with the skills set that will meet those needs. We have got to deliver the education outcomes but don’t know what we are training them for,” he said.

Mr Delaforce said the Northern Corridor Education Precinct brought together all sectors of education from primary through to tertiary, and combined those with business and community leaders.

Community and business representatives are invited to attend the forums. They will be held on Wednesday, June 6, at the Lismore campus in room L111 from 11am to 1pm.

The Coffs Harbour forum will be held at the Southern Cross University campus on Thursday, June 7, in MLG13 from 11am to 1pm.

For information contact Donna McIntyre in Southern Cross University’s Office of Regional Engagement on 66203503, email or Jan Strom on 66593900, email

Media contact: Brigid Veale Southern Cross University communications manager 02 66593006 or 0439 680 748.