Cancer patients worldwide sought for online survey of pain and treatment

Published 19 August 2020
Cancer pain study

The types of pain relief treatments cancer patients use is the subject of a new international online survey led by Southern Cross University.

The aim of the survey is to map out exactly which treatments are used, including medical and complementary treatments, and why patients choose specific treatments. Researchers are seeking participants who have undergone cancer treatment and experience pain. 

Dr Janet Schloss, Clinical Research Fellow at the University’s National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, is leading the team of multi-disciplinary researchers from across the world who are trying to learn more about what may help reduce cancer-related pain.

“Currently, little is known about what combinations of modern and complementary medicine treatments are being used for cancer-related pain across the world,” said Dr Schloss.

It was important to seek this information, she said, to understand “what people are taking, what has worked for them and the different themes between countries.

“By understanding what different treatments people with cancer-related pain are using in different countries we can inform health practitioners of those patients’ perspectives.

“This survey will give us a good idea of what different combinations of treatments work for different people and will help us understand more about the sociocultural factors that play in to cancer-related pain management and treatment.

“We hope to be able to highlight where future research and clinical trials could be directed,” said Dr Schloss.

To participate in the survey (which runs until October 31 2020) or to learn more about it, go to:

The Human Research Ethics Committee at Southern Cross University approves this research: HREC 2020/090.


Media contact: Caitlin Zillman, Marketing and Communications Manager at National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine 0424 632 177 or